I've had a passion for making things with my hands since I was a small child.  From the tape and paper reading glasses I made for myself to the movable cars on a freeway out of crayon boxes, I've always been putting things together to see what I could come up with.  When I was about seven my father and I were at Hobby Lobby one day in the beading section and I spotted a beading loom.  I asked him for it for Christmas; he bought it right then and there and gave it to me early!  That was the beginning of my obsession with beads.  It was also a huge answer to prayer for my parents as I would sit quietly for hours and hours and hours beading.  Not driving them nuts in boredom as I had previously done.

Since then my creative obsessions have moved in many different directions, sometimes the avenues I take stick and stay with me and sometimes they die out as quickly as they came.  In my constant strive to learn new creative things I’ve realized over time that sometimes I’ve projects that never get finished because I’ve already moved onto something else.  While this doesn't sound all that great of late I have really been making an effort to finish all of my unfinished projects!  However, beads have always been a core part of my love within the creative process and have stuck with me for more than 23 years.

I’m not really sure there is a rhyme or reason as to why I make things other than I simply enjoy it.  It’s part of what makes life satisfying for me, being able to create something new and cool.  It’s almost like the need to eat.  You can skip a meal here or there and it won’t kill you but it wont feel all that great.  Heck you can go without eating for quite some time but if you never eat again eventually you will simply wither away and die.  That’s how creating things are for me.